Data Distribution API for VIVO


Create data feeds from your VIVO site just by editing a configuration file.

Use the feeds to:

  • provide content to other sites,
  • service AJAX requests from your own VIVO pages,
  • provide a more responsive user interface on your VIVO site,
  • drive visualizations of your VIVO data.

Get more use of the data in your VIVO site,

  • without opening your site to expensive queries,
  • without digging into the internals of VIVO,
  • without writing any Java code.

You will likely need to know SPARQL, and the structure of how your data is stored in VIVO.


Currently, the Data Distribution API can be used with:

  • VIVO 1.11
  • VIVO 1.10
  • VIVO 1.9
  • VIVO 1.8

(or other products that are based on those Vitro releases).


The Data Distribution API for VIVO was created by the staff of the Cornell University Libraries, as part of the Scholars@Cornell project.